Stories are everywhere nowadays. Originally, the ‘‘Stories’’ feature was first introduced by Snapchat back in 2013. After that, Instagram copied the idea and made Stories gain popularity in 2016. Other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube noticed the success of Stories and implemented the feature as well. It even became a meme…


Now that almost every social media platform has adopted Stories, it’s also time for LinkedIn to piggyback on the success. Here are three reasons why LinkedIn is considering launching stories:

  1. Activating younger professionals
  2. Increase engagement with a personal touch
  3. To keep up with the success of other social platforms

1. Activating younger professionals

By adding Stories, LinkedIn wants to activate younger professionals on the platform. 99Firms’ data shows that 60% of millennials watch and post Instagram Stories. The younger generations are growing up with Stories and are more comfortable with sharing ephemeral content than posting updates in a feed. Some updates are just not relevant for the feed because it stays visible forever. If you want to create exclusive content or maybe shout out to somebody, it’s easier to do it by posting content that disappears after a short while.

2. Increase engagement with a personal touch

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you might have noticed that personal stories are going viral. More and more people feel comfortable sharing personal experiences, life lessons and tips related to work to inspire others. With Stories LinkedIn wants to increase the conversational and personal tone.

3. To keep up with the success of other social platforms

Stories are becoming unthinkable for every social media platform. Recently, Twitter acquired a startup called Chroma Labs and is testing ephemeral tweets called ‘fleets’ in Brazil. Despite the businesslike nature of LinkedIn, Stories are a good fit. Instagram has proven that businesses can strengthen their strategy by using Stories in a creative way. 

Will LinkedIn Stories launch soon?

According to LinkedIn, the Stories are still being tested:

‘‘So, we’re currently testing LinkedIn Stories internally, and we can’t wait to test it with our members in the coming months.’’ – Pete Davies, Head of Content Products at LinkedIn.

In my opinion, Stories will add more value to LinkedIn because it’s a smart way to bring creativity and authenticity to the communication on the platform. In the end we are all people – in suits or in cozies. We all have feelings and thoughts. So far I have seen on Instagram, businesses are doing great with Stories. As long as you keep it relevant and interesting, Stories can help you accomplish your business goals. 🎯


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    Freelance creative Aksana Mikhalap