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After finishing my studies I started out as a digital marketer. Digital marketing grew as the online presence of companies became more and more important over the years. It was impossible to pursue every discipline within digital marketing, so I’ve chosen to excel in content marketing. 

Aksana Mikhalap Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

In simple words, content marketing is all about creating and distributing engaging, relevant, consistent and valuable content to build online presence of companies and attract new business. A solid content strategy will attract and acquire a clearly defined audience and drive a profitable customer action.

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Instagram & LinkedIn workshops

During my career as a content marketer at WebNL Creative Studios, I’ve developed and organized workshops for companies on how to use Instagram and LinkedIn to generate online succes.

It all began with my request for an assignment to get out of my comfort zone and learn public speaking. My team lead proposed a challenge: organising a workshop related to content marketing from scratch. Immediately I started researching, and based on research I wrote some articles about Instagram. My first article about Instagram on Frankwatching got over 60K views and reached the top 10 most popular articles of the month – that’s how I discovered Instagram would most likely be a successful subject.

The first Instagram workshop was fully booked and the requests kept coming. So, together with my sidekick Annick I’ve organised three more workshops – which inspired the management to do even more workshops, and that is how the WebNL academy came to life.

At WebNL I’ve worked on various content marketing projects for different clients.

Aksana Mikhalap
Instagram workshop

A summary of what I did: Ideation | Creative direction of photography and content | Advertising | Organisation & project management | Copywriting | Content strategy

DPDK’s newsletters

Working with insanely creative visual and motion designers on DPDK’s newsletters is always a blast. I contributed to the overall design with creative direction to keep the content consistent and gathered relevant information to fill the newsletters with the most important subjects of that month. Next to that, I took care of the copywriting and email marketing via MailChimp.

Check out the newsletters I’ve worked on:

April ‘19 | May ‘19 | June ‘19 | July ‘19 | August ‘19 | September ‘19 | October ‘19 | November ‘19 | December ‘19 | January ’20 | February ’20 | April ’20

DPDK's newsletters

A summary of what I did: Creative direction of photography and content | Content strategy | Project management | Copywriting | Email marketing

DPDK’s Instagram

Another cool thing I do at this award-winning agency is managing their Instagram. The content strategy behind the DPDK’s Instagram is mainly to recruit new employees with behind the scenes content, events, awards and other cool stuff like parties and team trips.

To increase brand awareness and exposure I’ve created posts according to the issue calendar to catch up with trending topics like World Emoji Day, Animals Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Next to that, I’ve organised a contest ‘Create your #DPDKdoodle’ with a branded hashtag related to a newsletter theme ‘Do the Doodle’. That way followers could provide DPDK with creative UGC (user generated content) to win headphones. This contest was promoted on Instagram Stories and in the newsletter.

At DPDK I’ve worked on several digital marketing projects with national and international clients.

DPDK Instagram
Instagram contest Instagram contest

A summary of what I did: Instagram & content strategy | Social media marketing | Photography & editing | Copywriting | Feed planning & styling | Webcare

My dog’s Instagram

Ever since I brought this little ball of fur home, I was over the moon. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos of Kenji. So, I needed a space where I could showcase the best of my shiba inu (without annoying my friends) and that’s how the Instagram account @shibabooboo was born.

In a short period of time I’ve reached thousands of likes, comments and shares. Currently Kenji’s Instagram has over 6K likes. I achieved all that 100% organically, meaning I’ve never spend money on advertising or give-aways.

Keeping up with the latest trends and posting high quality content made it grow rapidly. Over time I’ve designed my own photo-filter, started planning with and testing every new feature.

Instagram is a creative and interesting tool to promote your business. Kenji has earned his own collar and leash from the collaboration with DWAM and we are still getting requests to collaborate with brands.

Kenji Instagram
Instagram shibabooboo

A summary of what I did: Instagram & content strategy | Photography & editing | Copywriting | Feed styling & planning | Webcare


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