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I’m a digital content specialist who also graduated in graphic design. Creating content is what I love doing – in any way whatsoever. So I continued developing brand identities and logos as a freelance designer. 

Aksana Mikhalap Branding & Design

What is branding?

Branding is more than just a logo. For example, content marketing is also part of branding. It’s about shaping a brand, making it tangible and recognisable by creating a unique name, image and story. It helps companies to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that transforms first-time buyers into lifetime customers and retains loyal customers. A solid brand can take your business to the next level. 

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My own logo

Most of the things you see on my website are designed by me, including my logo. For my personal branding I wanted something clean, professional but not too serious. The line around my logo is a bit playful because its not perfectly round.

Logo Aksana Mikhalap Logo Aksana Mikhalap VK-AM-V1 VK-AM-V3 VK-AM-V4 VK-AM-V5

A summary of what I did: Ideation | Visual design | Branding

NR 1 Hair And Beauty Bar

This boss babe hair stylist decided it was time to open her own beauty bar and asked me to design her logo, business card and Instagram Highlights. She had some cool ideas herself and I suggested to create a Pinterest moodboard with all the stuff she liked. From there I’ve designed a logo & identity in the style she wanted.

NR 1 Hair And Beauty Bar logo NR 1 Hair And Beauty Bar logo vk-am NR 1 Hair And Beauty Bar Highlights

A summary of what I did: Ideation | Consulting | Visual design | Branding | Instagram marketing advice


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